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VanBuren Media Lab provides services, equipment and instruction to help you carry out your photography and imaging projects and realize your creative visions.

We offer media lab and photo printing services, and an array of creative services including posters, business cards, postcards and brochures.

We provide a range of computer system services: new computer and new printer setup; color calibration; and general computer/printer help and training.

At VanBuren Media Lab, we cater to your needs. Whether you want an all-inclusive, hands-on, or complete do-it-yourself process, we can help you in the manner that feels right for you.

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Kevin VanBuren: Photography Background

To go back a bit and look at how I became interested in photography, it started for me when I was around 12. I was away at scout camp for a week in the woods with an old brownie. I just fell in love with the process of capturing images.

I dabbled for a few more years until college and then concentrated on my Engineering degree and getting started in Engineering. I soon found myself back in photography after that and bought my first SLR and started shooting.

I explored a variety of types of photography, however I found that what I was used to and had grown up with fit me best: working in the landscape, the woods and natural elements; all those things I experienced as a child growing up and working on a dairy farm.

I began taking vacations traveling the country and exploring the US, sometimes on my own and sometimes through photo workshops. My craft in working with film and my vision of looking at the natural image just became intuitive to me.

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Origins of VanBuren Media Lab

As an engineer I look at things a bit differently than a trained artist might. A musician might find the note – the score if you will. I see a symmetry to the confusion which, as a designer, is intriguing and fulfilling to me. So I let myself go and explore deep in the confusion of nature to reveal all that Mother Nature puts before us.

As I have progressed and have spoken to numerous people who, like me, have a creative spirit that needs to be heard, I have started helping those stuck along the way. For some it is how to perfect the capture of something. For others it is how to edit something to make it better. And for those who really just need an outlet I assist in printing and preparing of final works for display and sale.

Our Approach to the Creative Process

Today I am using a Capture–Edit–Create analogy to break down all the elements involved in producing a creative piece. In talking about the process of how, what, where and so on of moving forward with a project, we are able to best determine a path that might fit an individual.

This is particularly true if looking to learn some of the digital tools and the need of where to concentrate a discussion. For others it is about getting imagery printed or about assistance in creating promotional materials for themselves.

The process is started at a comfortable pace to suit the individual and what is desired as part of the learning experience. We begin with a discussion about the desired goals and often it flourishes throughout the experience. Ample time is given for proper note taking along the way and instruction is at a reasonable pace ensuring that everything is fully understood.

So with this said, are you stuck? If you need help along the way or need a piece printed, created or made ready for sale, contact me or call to set up an appointment.

— Kevin VanBuren

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